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Hey! I'm Zach. I'm a touring bass player turned web developer based in Kingston, ON. Whether building sweet sweet web apps, cooking a tasty meal (I make a mean gumbo) or settling into the perfect groove, my favorite thing in the 🌎 is collaborating with like minded folks to create something beautiful. I'm eager to join a great team keep deepening my existing coding abilities and keep adding new tech to my stack. I'm also very into helping small business owners, artists, and entrepenuers to build their brand with a dope new site, so hit me up and let's build something great!


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homepage for Planted website

PSD Conversion

A fully responsive multi-page site for Planted, a horticulture company that may or may not be real... Regardless, their website sure is!

homepage of wannaWatch app

wanna Watch

So many shows, so little time. Keep track of the shows you want to watch with wannaWatch! Compare with a friend's to decide on something to watch together.

homepage for backronym 

Backronym Generator

Ever thought "Is 'karma' an acronym?" Well now it CAN BE! Reverse engineer your own acronyms (backronyms) with this fun React app created with fellow devs Meining Cheng, Jake Spodek and Olivia Heullit

the homepage for a seinfeld quote guessing game

Seinfeld: Who Said This!

A simple and fun quote guessing game for the true Sein-heads of the world. Race the clock to get it right and don't let Babu wag his finger at you!


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